Rotomax XL-BC 419mm VDT

Rotomax XL-BC 419mm VDT

Rotomax TY 4x4 324mm VDT

Rotomax TY 4x4 324mm VDT

Rotomax TY 6x6 521mm VDT

Rotomax TY 6x6 521mm VDT

Rotomax XL-GTi

Rotomax XL-GTi

Rotomax XL-B 419mm VDT

Rotomax XL-B 419mm VDT



The idea of developing a drill rig as our own product surfaces.


The compact drill rig, controllable via remote control, is on display as a preproduction model at the Hanover exhibition.


Foundation of the GEOTEC Bohrtechnik GmbH. The GEOTEC logo and the product name ROTOMAX are registered trademarks.


The advanced development of the ROTOMAX drill rig is supported by CAD technology and equipped with modern, advanced technology. The first multifunctional, remote-controllable and fully hydraulically powered drill rig with load sensing hydraulic is developed.


Our extremely compact high-quality drill rig with a hydraulic casing rotary table is presented at the Bauma exhibition and is renamed as ROTOMAX M. It can be used in various fields of application.


The newest development at the Bauma exhibition is the ROTOMAX XL by GEOTEC. In the ensuing years, it is fully developed into a robust serial machine, completely complying with the GEOTEC philosophy as far as compactness, performance and handling are concerned.


Our construction department starts employing 3D construction software to further enhance the quality standard of our ROTOMAX products.


Our modular constructed drill rigs are a very popular asset to the Bauma exhibition. They are technically upgraded to fulfill the needs of the geothermal sector.


The ROTOMAX XL GT with double head unit and a total weight of only 7.5 t is ready for serial production.


EasyLift, the GEOTEC rod handling system is ready for production and is presented at the 2007 Bauma exhibition. Our ROTOMAX XL GTC, unchallenged with its combination of compactness, power and total weight, is a new milestone within our ROTOMAX series.


GEOTEC Bohrtechnik opens a brand- new, 3,300 m² production hall in Nordkirchen. At the grand opening, the company unveils a new design for the brand name and logo.


The performance of the XL series is further optimized. The ROTOMAX L, unique as far as the relationship between functionality and performance is concerned, is ready for production.


As a perfect solution to recover jammed casings, GEOTEC develops and produces a casing recovery device named BERGEMAX 95 and BERGEMAX 190. They produce a pull up force of 95 t and 190 t, respectively.

A big news at the Bauma exhibition is the presentation of the ROTOMAX XL GTC i with 168 kW. With its classy design, its convenient handling and its all-around flexibility, the GTC i means efficiency.

An ideal solution for the transportation of auxiliary equipment to the drilling point: our new, remote-controllable CARRYMAX prototype by GEOTEC. With its 26 kW diesel engine, it can carry up to 3 t of additional weight to wherever it is needed.